viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

The thing we been waiting for

By random checking i went to Kitties Lair , and i found this Mesh head that works with Omega, this means, all of our favourites skins can be applied in the head with just a click, so ive bough one and run to test my skins on it. This is how the head looks like with Van Luck Omega appliers, (Vanesa Mocha skin)
to be honest i had been waiting for this moment, where a omega applier would work on a mesh head, it opens up doors for all the SL skins to be applied on a head that Looks good!

So i am excited to share.

whit slim brows reminds me of the Spanish Model Nieves Alvarez

and with the thicker brows is more of Cara Delavinge

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