martes, 9 de junio de 2015

Eve is the new thing!

             Greetings! in second life the new thing are the mesh heads, thats                   clear , but with a large offer of products and creators can be confused, i              show you in this blog always the best price-quality and so today a                       review of EVE body and head appliers, all works with Omega appliers            or their own appliers but having the Omega option available makes                  things much easier, by the way the hands and feet seem to come with the body so a whole pack, but lets focus on the Head now.

Eve new mesh head !

Here wearing Vanessa skin from Van Luck

Here wearing Madisson skin pack from Van Luck too.

And here wearing Winona from Van Luck.

Have to mencion this head is lower priced than 1,000L so
affordable too.

And their Huds with the alpha options to fit mesh clothes,
makeup options and tones fixer, 

I Give this product a 9 points over 10 : Amazing, you need it.

So Visit Eve today and then come to Van luck for some skins :) 

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