viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2014

(Interivew in process )Manuela Trasobares - Priestess of the scenic arts.

Greetings everyone ( Article in working process)

I feel honoured to have this lady on our blog, a real celeb of arts and mistress of ceremonys,
Manuela Trasobares is the first transgender Opera singer and Politician in Spain. 

Born in the in the provence of Girona, Catalonia,Spain. She studied fine arts in the Facultat of Belle arts, de Sant Jodi of Barcelona, Painting and Sculture in the ateliers Massana and Leonardo Da Vinci 
and Bell Canto in the Conservatory of Sofía (Bulgaria).

She has perfomed operas at the Liceu in Barcelona, La Scala , and the Palau de la Música de Valéncia

She has also directed Opera´s and show her paintings and scultures, collaborated with the folk celebration of Las Fallas in Valencia.

She is the first Transexual woman town councilor in Geldo, with the Political Party of the Spanish Democratic Republican Action.

Her appear on a Tv talk show left the country spechless with the strenght of her words and the art that she leaks herself.

As an living piece of art and historical personality who will and must be remember forever.

Singing the opera  Carmen by the Min 2:00

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