miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Flash Holidays

Konnichiwa Loved diary.
Last week has been WOW alot of work painting alot of textures, and weeks earlier a whole dance tour, and i am for every first time in my sl life, i am getting someone who is so obsesed with me, that spy me nworld, follow every post, and make remarks about every step i make. Like a shitty paparazzy.

Tha harrasing wont spot as there is not really sl police to stop them.

My real birthday is next week, and  i wanna forget about all of this and have some fun!
So im taking a flyght to Paris, i will not bring laptop.

I have proved my talent and reputation on a dance tour that has step over more than 10 venues.

So i leave you here the filming of one patron, We should be filming an official dvd soon, but as i said right now, the obsesion of  the paparazzy is not helping to let us work.

dance video

Hope everyone will start Christmas Holiday with a good step, huggies.

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