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The icecream tief

[HL] Nymph Avatar (petite) Harshlands

Blue Kimono (RARE) Blue velvet at The New Tailors (From december 6th)

Sim Kyoto, Japan: Kamishichiken District

The fairy was alone playing in the wood river when the Young maiko appeared with a tasty icecream:

_ Hello this icecream looks really tasty: ¿can i try a bite please? said the Little fairy with a smile on her face.
_ The Young woman was very surprised, of course dear. And the pretty lady offered the icecream at the little fairy.
_Hmmm!! is very tasty i love it.
_Of course the stole icecreams are more tastys tan the others. Said the young girl with a prety smile.
_yes is true, but im a fairy and my magic is powerfull, you are nice with me and i can give you my friendship and nevermore you need steal nothing since now, i can give you all your desirees. What is your name?
_I'm Koharu nice to meet you. Said the girl very surprised but happy.
_i'm Lilith and you never should be alone nevermore since now count with me.

 That is the story about how Koharu the Young minarai know Lilith the Little and powerfull fairy and since then they walk together and had alot of adventures, but this is other story.

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