viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2014

But till that morning...

Hair .EMBW. Taf Hair

Furisode Blue velvet Stripes 

Greetings everyone i bring some fresh news, 
For the past few years, like hundreds of diferent designers has worked re-inventing the traditional japanese kimono design, we all have seen short versions, western versions and so on

I am not designer but i am a creative person so ive work also reinventing the traditional design of the Kimono, My vision was to give it an elven touch, yeah like Legolas from the Lord of the rings, if he would do a gender change, 
awsome wouldnt it?

Ok so ive design 3 diferent models, will be realased one by one in Mesh in second life, at the start of the 2015, and also
working on Mesh hair , of course it will be long and probably matching the japa-elven vision.

I Draw i texture i animate i sometimes script i make mes buildings, I CANOT rigg clothing so always to say thank you to my 2 japanese friend to make this wearable .

Thank you for visitng, have a good day

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