martes, 23 de diciembre de 2014

Fashion Forward

You may think that is a strange theme for me to talk about "Fashion Forward" id say that even a geisha wear Gucci when they off from work.

Now to give a background of who write this and why, i will tell you i have never been a second life model, i have never joined a sl beauty contest or anything like that..

But i have seen this industry going around and i do have a opinion, reason why , in real life i started working in a model agency when i was 14 years old, by then allready i knew most of the designers and their styles. How ever ive observed fashion industry long enough to get the concept even if i am not a loyal follower of each seasons fashion weeks.

As an androgynous model i have done more of photography and publicity than catwalks, and i will not post right now pictures of me,i will post a sketch, maybe when i get some new picture i may share.

There are two concepts that fit well and is starting to be seen in second life, it is modern architecture and fashion forward, and what i mean by fashion forward is those designers with the knowledge of the classy and traditional cuts, who like to experiment with new fabrics, cuts , textures.. and create something often minimalistic, contemporany and weareable..

Probably unisex as in a futuristic vision adaptating into new generations and dna changes, our bodys becoming taller, thiner and flat..
Inspired by designer like Karl Lagerfeld,Alexander wang, or Vivienne Westwood..
We all walk together to the future leaving behind a word of flexy primmy gowns and miss virtual worlds that can burn in hell , lol
and Im supuse to be terrible about it, but im gona keep this positive and carry on, shoot miss virtual world in her virtual buuum..

A List of Designers/ Stores that you can visit for "Fashion forward" and "Urban styles"

                                       -David Heater "Dogs" Top Buttomdown  and 
                                                         Cross Glasses.

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