domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014



Today i wanna tell you about a new sim in SL, called "Sakurajima" is a mostly mesh fresh place, japanese comunity , where you can find some of the stores in the trend that are offering exclusive items for the visitors of the sim.

Like the fundators has described as " This island is mountainous, and known for the cherry trees that grow there. Underplayed and modest, the kind of quiet, undeclared beauty that waits patiently to be discovered. "

Worth a visit and a shopping to find exclusive items like this Furisode.


Also their Ochaya tea House is inviting all the second life geishas to come and have a good time, in the floating world of arts.
16-dec-2014    2pm slt- First Ochaya Opening, everyone is invited to come and watch a geisha dance show, tea and sake serving, and a very inspiring chat . :)

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