lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2014

You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again

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Bv Tabi (socks) Bargain Gacha

"A lesson wanted to be given, a nutcrack head did not want to learn, A lesson about trust and forgive, but there is not forgiveness or trust for those who wanna be dictator, the always end bad in history class.
I was reading a book about few woman who described a experience, and so i did, everyone is free to write their experiences, but an enemy will call it difamation, but also wanting to shut down a truth is dictatorship and corruption, do not ever let others tell you what you can say, write or think.
Few days ago i was asked, "Will you vote this woman as president just because she is a woman?" I said yes, when i was a baby i suck for a tit, and it was woman who educated me and told me.. "Everything you want in life, you can reach it, just need to go for it" and so i did,i did everything i wanted .
Please spread love, underestanding ,if someone discriminate or hate you , never forget their name, point with your finger at the corrupts, when everyone does it , they end up gone."

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