domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

Stop violence aganst transgender woman

This has happend last week in Brazil, a coutry where 50% of trans woman get murderer, you may read the article and think Veronica asault people and she is a very muscled strong person, i will tell you she is a survivor, she could be death by now if she wouldn´t defend herself like many others get killed everyday..

Is not only Brasil, we get this kind of attacks in europe too.. all over the world. This is why we are saying STOP violence against trans woman, really society needs to underestand trans people is now in a position of social exclusion, felt appart, the day that the whole world embrace trans people, we would all have given a step ahead for love, and underestanding. I would bite someone ear off too if my life if is in risk, she knew this was gona happend anyway but just fough for survive.

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