martes, 12 de mayo de 2015

Building up a SET

Hello all, one of the intentions of this blog, was to share knowledge, in how to build up stage sets, as i made few on blender by my own and they are on sale on the Blue velvet Marketplace,
but here goes some more tips for third party items you can get and use.

We was building up a egypt themed show, here are all of the pieces


the light house

the pharaoh



Nefertiti and other scultures

We are aware of the comments made by that somebody secretary not sure who well i will post the market place links of the sets piece bough for the show, Carlolo gave me one piece by his own hand, he told me i could use for the show, but i decided not to include, and buy mesh stuff from market place.

In case someone is missing we are touring with Alexandria show egypt themed, and here is where we bought the pieces, i know it looks really good but it´s not god´s made, is just from market place.

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