jueves, 24 de marzo de 2016

Thai Dream


In the past few months my life was way too stressing , so i had to take a spiritual retirement, to set my head straight, it was in Thailand, a life change experience..

Here are some of my mesh reproduction Temples.

My first stop from Bangkok was like a themed Buddist Park where
someone can take a retirement, 20 mins by car from Bangkok

As it can get too intense to change the Western Life to Thai Buddist, 
i took a break to visit Pattaya City
wich is 2 hours away from Bangkok by car,
a beach holiday city.

2 days Later i came back for more meditation this time under the wing of a Monk ,
Wicharn at Maha chula Uni for Monks

After a week in the Monks ceo, i went to Bangkok to spend my last days
at Khao San road, wich is a western / backpaker chill out
area in the city.

What ive learn? Did i fix myself? 
Definity learn alot, also the exercise of living as backpacker
no mirror no makeup no media,
dedicating all of my time to find peache, 
indeed i feel much better.

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  1. But the best part was when you back. I love you and i missed you alot during this tryp